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Lincs Road Transport Museum

While our Museum would not exist without our collection of vehicles, there is much more to the Museum than the vehicles alone.

Our Museum includes a variety of items large and small connected to road transport in the area, as well as a number of items of street furniture from the eras our vehicles were an everyday sight on the County's streets.

There are also displays of small artefacts, model vehicles, and displays with information, photographs and posters from the past - these are changed regularly. A preview is available here -

Street Scenes Other Displays Lincolnshire Related Models Pedal Cycles

Wanted - Enthusiastic vehicle mechanics (and others) who like working for nothing!

With more and more vehicles being restored at the museum over the last few years, we are now becoming victims of our own success!

As all of our members are volunteers (and with time becoming a little less available) we really could do with a few more hands on deck to assist with vehicle servicing for our Open Days in particular, when visitors can see our collection "on the road".

There is also a wide variety of 'semi skilled' and 'unskilled' work available - including keeping the museum building and site tidy and in good condition, vehicle cleaning, and assisting at special events

We are well known for having one of the most successful independent museums of its type in the country with an historically very important collection - most of which has local connections. More about the Museum - and the Society's history can be seen here.

Please help us keep up with our visitors' expectations and develop the range of vehicles on show - and have some fun as well!

We organise a superb classic vehicle rally at Lincoln Castle each Summer, a Car Running Day on August Bank Holiday Monday, and our two 'Transport Festival' events each Easter and November when many of our vehicles take to the roads. Our buses also take part in a few events through the year involving other local museums and attractions. Details of recent and coming events can be seen here.

Castle Rally LFW 326 Gainsborough Display at RAF Waddington Air Show
Castle Rally - as seen from the Castle Walls 'Lodekka' LFW 326 in company of a steam traction engine, special event at Gainsborough Old Hall, 2004 Society Display at RAF Waddington Air Show

If you would like to help us, please ring 01522 689497 for further information or send us an email Email address or get a membership form here

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